October 10, 2009

Pic 'n Stick Book Project

This is our party's lone craft project. We didn't require much from our guests other than participating in this. Originally announced in our invite like this:

Yes, it's a "Where The Wild Things Are" theme party but all we ask of each guest is one thing:
*please bring a wallet size or 4x6 photo of yourself that you're willing to donate (for a craft project to be explained during the party).

The Pic 'n Stick Project is a great way for your birthday child to recall guests who attended their party. Pic 'n Stick is similar to having a signed yearbook at school year's end. Our guests sure left their mark on the party! Here's how it works.

Materials: WTWTA book (or a spare, if you'd like the original intact), box, typed instructions, samples, Wild Thing stickers, guest photos (wallet/4x6 size)
Tools: scissors, double-sided tape, pens

(First, print project instructions. Here's our sample:

Pic ‘n Stick Instructions

1)Select a Wild Thing sticker (1 per guest please)

2)With your wallet or 4x6 photo, cut out your head or face

3)With your Wild Thing sticker, cut out the body leaving as little white background as possible and replace the Wild Thing head or face with yours using double-sided tape. Feel free to use Wild Thing facial features such as horns, nose, or hair to add to your photo. (See examples)

4)Now that your Wild Thing has been re-created in your likeness, apply the finished product to any page in the book, incorporating it into the story.

5)You’re officially a WILD THING!!!
(ps: write a birthday note for _______ on any blank page as well)

Second, request guests to bring photos of themselves in your invite (see excerpt above). Then, print enough Wild Thing stickers (custom-made via Photoshop) for each guest and create samples to clarify the process.

Create a small box, complete with instructions, and fill with necessary craft tools such as scissors, double-sided tape, and pens. Finally, display prominently with book during the party and have your guests craft away!)

Here's a link to my free photoshopped sticker sheet:

A great memento for your little one!
(View full photo set here)

Total time: 3 hrs
Total costs: $10
Supplies from: Bookstore


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS!! I'm helping with a friends baby shower with a Where the Wild things are theme and your links have been incredible!!

  2. Thank you for posting all of your information and art. It has been invaluable in planning my son's WTWTA party!