October 4, 2009

Party Set-Up

Now that all pieces are in place, it's time to choose a location. Let the WTWTA book inspire you. We chose a small park (virtually empty year round) with lots of trees, bits of shade, and a large open space for outdoorsy activities. Make sure you're not without plenty of benches. A playground for tots is also a bonus.

For our party, the main "stations" were the food table, Cut-Outs (need to be weighed down with either weights or rocks), boat area (complete with blue sheet simulating an "ocean"), and activity table (includes masks, GiftBags, Pic 'n Stick Project, etc...and garnished with vines, paper toys, and other miscellaneous give-aways). We decorated the park with orange/yellow balloons and a couple 24in WTWTA plush dolls hanging from several trees.

Additionally, we threw mats, blankets, a large beach umbrella, and a toddler sized tent across the grass for extra seating. We then littered the area with various sports equipment like kickballs, footballs, and soccer balls for the sports enthusiasts.

For food, in addition to all necessary utensils don't forget tray covers for those pesky insects and multiple coolers for all the beverages. The benches will need table covers too. And of course, some large garbage bags and boxes to discard your litter at party's end.

All in all, your park location can become a child's fantasy world if decorated and set-up properly.

(View full photo set here)


  1. I am having a WTWTA for my grandson's 1st birthday and I was wondering how you make the photo props? I have someone to paint them but I was wondering what you painted them on? Thanks

    1. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're referring to the painted cut-outs on cardboard boxes on this page http://myrumpus.blogspot.com/2009/10/cut-outs-decor.html