October 16, 2009

Max (costume)

It's only fitting the central character of WTWTA be represented by the birthday girl herself. Therefore, the following info describes steps to making a girl version of Max's wolf suit. In developing the costume (and all others thereafter), we went with a very simple, more contemporary look. This was due in large part to the small window of time we had. Creating a full costume was a bit ambitious to say the least. There isn't a whole lot of WTWTA mass-produced items available for retail sale. Well, this allows us to be more creative and fabricate all items from scratch. Fun!

Materials: white felt paper, 2 large barrettes
Tools: glue, scissors, sewing kit
(Cut a large triangle from felt paper, fold in half, and glue together. Attach one barrette to one side by sewing. Repeat this step for the second ear. Our girl would've ripped any sort of headband or mask off and she's naturally a barrette kinda girl, so this was our best solution for wolf ears.)

Materials: Crocs, white felt paper
Tools: paintbrush, white acrylic paint, scissors, glue
(Buy a pair of white Mary Jane Crocs or do as I did, paint an old pair entirely white. Cut small triangles (claws) from white felt paper and paste onto toe area with glue.)

Materials: white shirt, white capris, black boa
Tools: scissors
(We hoped to find a beautiful white dress in time, but that never panned out. Instead, we opted for a more casual look with an all white shirt and capris. Cut the black boa (tail) to size, cut a small hole in the back of the pants and insert your "tail" through. Tie it together and VOILA!)

Materials: gold paper crown, black boa
Tools: glue, scissors
(Buy a gold paper crown from a party supply store. Adjust and glue to child head size. Cut black boa to size and glue to lower rim of crown.)

Materials: toy plastic flute, plastic ball, gold foiled paper, wooden cabinet knob
Tools: gold spraypaint, glue, scissors
(Couldn't find the right wand, so I made one from scratch, plus much cheaper. I created it gold to stand out more, versus the steel gray in the story. Paint all items first. Cut strips from gold foiled paper. Attach all components with glue.)

And that's Max's wolf suit!
(View full photo set here)

Total time: 3 hrs
Total costs: $18
Supplies from: Michaels, Old Navy, Diddams, Dollar Tree, OSH

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