October 17, 2009


Evite served as the most efficient and economical form of invitation for us. Easy to use, painless, and the format is universal amongst our circle of guests. Plus, you can custom design your invite and fit all the party details on one page. If you have the time and money, written correspondences are very charming and always well received.

Here's our sample message:

_______'s 2nd Birthday Rumpus

Come make mischief with our little "wild thing" as she turns 2!

Yes, it's a "Where The Wild Things Are" theme party but all we ask of each guest is one thing:
*please bring a wallet size or 4x6 photo of yourself that you're willing to donate (for a craft project to be explained during the party).

Food, beverages, and fun will be provided. It's at a park so feel free to bring fold-up chairs or sports equipment if you'd like.

Please RSVP by _______!!!

If you can't make it, then _______ will roar her terrible roar and gnash her terrible teeth and roll her terrible eyes and show her terrible claws and finally, send you to bed without your supper.

"Let the wild rumpus start!"

We used the above picture of Max, Moishe, and Bernard on our invite page. It was fitting because those 3 characters would be played by us (to be explained in the "costume" posts).

Total time: 30 min
Total costs: $0
Supplies from: Evite.com

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