October 9, 2009

GiftBags & Goodies

Don't forget the bag of goodies for your young guests. It's our way of saying thanks for coming and plus, kids love being sent off with fun gifts (even adults too!).


Materials: colored lunch bags, name stickers
Tools: scrapbook scissors
(Do a head count of children attending your party. Using Photoshop, create custom Wild Thing stickers with each child's name and a message such as, "let the wild rumpus start!". Using scrapbook scissors, cut the sticker and top of each bag to give it some "flavor".)

(Use any relevant WTWTA toys/knick knacks purchased from eBay or create your own. Our bags included pins, plastic rings, Play Doh, stickers, candy (Runts, strawberry-filled hard candies, and custom candy bars worked best), plush dolls, and paper toys.

Materials: Hershey's chocolate bars, label stickers
Tools: x-acto, cutting mat
(Buy a large chocolate bar pack from Costco. I believe ours included 36. Using Photoshop, create custom candy bar labels to fit size. Include a message like "Happy Birthday _______" and the date. Apply labels to make your custom candy bar!)

(View full photo set here)

Total time: 4 hrs
Total costs: $85
Supplies from: Diddams, Costco, eBay, Dollar Tree, Borders


  1. Wow did you actually give plush dolls out? I'm looking to see if I can do that and it's at least $15-$25 for a plush.

  2. Back then, these 7" dolls were approximately $8 each. Good luck with your party!