October 5, 2009


Eating is the event that most guests arguably look forward to in a party. My wife will be the first to tell you this IS the main event. To tell you the truth, I concur. It's important to have great food and plenty of it. It's particularly important to have excellent desserts, especially when you're talking about a child's birthday party. For a WTWTA theme party, you can definitely get creative with cuisine.

Just think jungle theme. What kind of meals, fruits, and veggies would you find in a jungle. What would a Wild Thing eat? What's relevant to the book's story line? This is one approach.

The other approach, you can pick perfectly normal foods that are easy to cater, readily available, and universally popular. Don't forget appetizers, sides, and beverages (hint...a "jungle" punch fits the theme well). Then give each dish creative names complete with namecard. That's what we did. See our sample food list below.

Super Scary Salad
Wild Spam Musubi
Hair Tingling Hummus
Wild Pigs in a Blanket
Roaring Chicken Pita
Frightening Falafel Pita
Crazy Cupcakes

Materials: printed namecards
(Photoshop custom-made namecards complete with creative dish name and Wild Thing image and print on pre-cut tent cards. Place in front of respective dish, thereby informing guests of what exactly they have to choose from.)

And now comes dessert. We opted to go with cupcakes from our favorite cupcakery, Sibby's. They did a tremendous job with the decoration. More importantly though, they're delicious! Don't forget the birthday candle.

(View full photo set here)

Total time: n/a
Total costs: That's up to you!
Supplies from: n/a

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