October 12, 2009


Cardboard cut-outs are good space fillers (especially in a large park), visually entertaining, and a super fun activity! If you're artistic, they're easy and extremely inexpensive to make.

Materials: large cardboard box
Tools: yardstick, x-acto, packing tape, black markers, paintbrushes, paints

(We had humongous cardboard boxes on hand from a set of dining chairs we purchased months ago. I knew I kept them for good reason. First, keep the box intact and cut diagonally along the 2 long opposite sides using a yardstick for straightness. Then, cut straight across the top and bottom of box. All it takes is 4 cuts, like slicing a rectangular cube in half. After separating both sides, you'll have 2 Cut-Outs of similar shape from just 1 box. See pic below.

After securing with packing tape, sketch your chosen Wild Things. Next, measure and cut out a hole for the face. On the back side, give simple instructions for the participant such as which direction to look. It wouldn't make sense to see a Wild Thing facing one way but a person looking the other in the final photo op, so this step is somewhat necessary.

Finally, start painting your Wild Thing. I brightened the colors for extra punch (In print, Sendak's illustrations are a bit muted). Then add the final touch of penwork (cross hatches, shading, etc...) to give it that custom Sendak look.)

The silly ones will love this!
(View full photo set here)

Total time: 6 hrs
Total costs: $0
Supplies from: n/a

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