October 18, 2009


After research, we began brainstorming key elements for our party. Obviously, our ideas came directly from the book. It was just a matter of deciding the visual components to focus on. Hmmm......Max (the main character), wild things, jungle, boat...not hard choices to make at all =).

We listed our chosen elements, materials needed for each and places to get them. Then we divided the duties. Having an artistic background, I chose to do all the visual work while my wife took care of dessert and food, her favorite subjects! (In the end, everything was completed from the work of only 2 people in 3 weeks time!)

With our ultra handy sheet of lists and the book for reference, it was time to put it all in motion.

The following posts are categorized by projects. This includes costume, decorations, activities, gifts, and of course food and set-up. Each post will include actual hours devoted to labor and total costs (Keep in mind I'm an artist, therefore a lot of supplies I already had on hand making total costs relatively low).

Studio shots:

(View full photo set here)

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