October 19, 2009

The Birth of My Rumpus

My Rumpus details our recent experience with planning a Where The Wild Things Are theme party. We'll guide you through our process so you can learn a few ideas to make your version just as exciting. Also included are step-by-step projects, materials needed, and recommendations for where to find everything you need for the ultimate wild rumpus.

In deciding a theme for our daughter's 2nd birthday party, we considered several factors:

1) For a 2 yr old (still too young to have any major preferences), any theme goes so run with it, as long as it's fun/appropriate for both kids AND adults

2) Consider costs and create a budget

3) Consider the time you have and want to invest (We decided on this theme 4 weeks before the scheduled day, which gave us very little time, and ended up creating everything in 3 weeks believe it or not!)

Hence, our final decision came down to Maurice Sendak's imaginative and beloved children's book. Universal in popularity and plus, who doesn't love the charming characters and story line. A win-win situation.

Before brainstorming ideas for your version of the party, do some research by looking online, visiting exhibitions such as There's a Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak at the SF Contemporary Jewish Museum, and reading the book over and over. This will give you all the inspiration you need.

Good luck!

(ps. Disregard post dates. The projects are listed on the left hand column of this blog in chronological order from top to bottom. Make sense?)


  1. Many of your pictures are missing :(
    Looks like a great party though!

  2. Hi, found your site looking for jungle party decor inspirations and I'm more awed than inspired! You are so very talented. The photo booths are wonderful. The boat looks so real. Such lovely details.