October 14, 2009

Bernard (costume)

For our wild rumpus, Daddy is Bernard. The following info describes steps to making a male version of Bernard.

Materials: horn with strap
Tools: paintbrush, white acrylic paint
(Buy a pair of horns from a costume shop and paint it.)

Materials: bull nose
Tools: paintbrush, light blue acrylic paint
(Buy a cow/bull nose from a costume shop and paint it.)

Materials: fuzzy gray shirt, gray shorts, tan shoes
Tools: n/a
(Find a shirt that resembles that of Bernard's body such as ours from eBay. Not an easy task, but I was real lucky to find this gem for only $10. Heck, I might even use this silly shirt when I go clubbing later! Add tan shoes or if you have the money, buy huge costume human feet like the book's character.)

And that's Bernard's costume!
(View full photo set here)

Total time: 30 min
Total costs: $23
Supplies from: Spirit Halloween, eBay

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